Though our services are similar to many other software app development teams, our process is what sets us apart.

From the onset, we seek to become true partners with our clients through every step of the project. We understand this is often one of many projects you are juggling, so we know efficiency is essential, communication is imperative and results are crucial. You can trust that we’ll guide you through the entire process, creating a strategy that works for you.

The end result will be an app or product we’re immensely proud of - and know you will be proud of too!


We’ll begin your project by talking with stakeholders to learn more about your idea. From competitive research and revenue strategies to how users will interact with the app, the strategy phase is all about fleshing out your needs. Simply put, if building your app is a journey, the strategy phase will give us the roadmap.


We’re a development shop. We eat, sleep and breathe code. We also know the value in expertly crafted UX and Design, so we have amazing partners that we work closely with to bring your app to life using wireframing, user testing and visual design. We’ll be involved with you every step of the way so there’s a smooth transition into development.


We’re an agile shop, which means we’ll develop your app across a series of short weekly iterations (or sprints) that allows us to show you progress sooner. We start by prioritizing features and goals for the week and then take off running. Using daily stand-ups, weekly progress reports and early beta releases, we’re able to keep everyone on the same page. We also have some fancy things like continuous integration and testing processes to ensure code quality before deployment. We're always happy to explain that in detail, but you might want to have some coffee first.

Deployment and Maintenance

You have a fully functional app. Now what? We’ll handle submitting your app to the App Store or publishing to the web (and having celebratory drinks with you!). After its release, you’ll likely want to make changes, fix bugs and incorporate customer feedback. We have maintenance plan options to suit your needs long after the initial release.