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Oak City Labs exists to solve problems. Based in Raleigh, NC., we partner with leaders in the healthcare, life sciences, and engineering industries to develop custom solutions that overcome pressing challenges and drive change.

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Get a mobile app that’s built right

Neurosurgeon and Founder of THX Rx, Theresa Williamson, MD, created an app that alleviates physician burnout. “The Oak City Labs team forced us to put in the work with our app so we would love it,” she says, “The biggest success was seeing people enjoy using it, and having many hospitals incorporate the app into their systems.”

Grow your reach with high-quality software

Michael A. Crary, Ph.D, FASHA of the Florida Dysphagia Institute partnered with us to promote research and education about swallowing disorders, “Oak City Labs kept us informed, step-by-step, of what they were doing, and always asked us if we had any questions. It was like working with another branch of our business, and because of their efforts, they’re helping us grow.”

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image of vitalflo healthcare app developed by oak city labs in raleigh

Keep people happy and healthy through custom technology

Founder of VitalFlo, Luke Marshall, Ph.D. helped develop an app that keeps asthma patients out of the ER, ”It’s very easy to get up in the morning when you’re working on a solution that can improve and hopefully save lives,” he says, “We’ve been very happy with the quality all through development, which is why we continue to work with Oak City Labs today.”

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No matter your technical knowledge or scale of project, we have services to help you plan a product roadmap, develop your technology, and launch with ease. Check out how other fast-growing companies are using Oak City Labs mobile app and software development services.

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Use this reimagined SWOT framework as you take a step back to debrief with your team and decide what you want to take with you into 2021. We’ve developed a framework you can use to identify the intersection between your unique abilities and the problems that need to be solved. Learn how to lead your team into 2021 with our free guide, Reimagining SWOT.

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This retooled SWOT framework will help you think flexibly, dig deep, and ask important questions to find the sweet spot where your ideas can thrive.Free Download Reimagining SWOT