The ServusConnect Mobile Maintenance iOS App is a must-have for multifamily operators!

As a companion to the ServusConnect web portal, ServusConnect for iOS allows maintenance technicians and vendors to receive work orders digitally on their mobile devices without costly upgrades to existing property management software. Your apartment staff will instantly become more efficient and your residents will appreciate the faster service and status notifications.

The Vision

An iOS app to improve communication between property managers and service professionals.

What We Accomplished Together

With a tight turnaround, Oak City Labs worked in weekly sprints to build out the app’s core functionality. The app consists of two user groups: property managers and service professionals, each with separate business needs but a common goal of collaboration in a centralized place.

Property managers need a place to centralize work order requests for various service providers and, oftentimes, across multiple properties. Service providers required a hub to view work order requests, submit invoices and communicate with property managers with status updates and recommendations for additional work and maintenance.

The SERVUS iOS app includes real-time notifications and in- app messaging between both user groups, as well as private feedback and evaluation channels from property managers to service providers. Geolocation functionality allows for easy on-site creation of work order requests by property managers, along with the ability to add photos and detailed notes by both parties.

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