Delivering actionable insights to clinical teams to prevent asthma attacks before they happen.

The vision

In the U.S., where more than 25 million people have asthma, and 10 people die every day from asthma attacks, new startup, VitalFlo, was eager to scale their remote monitoring app. While they had individual contractors working to commercialize the product, they needed a development house with team members who specialize in all areas of software development to create a more robust, quality solution that users would love.

The results

VitalFlo partnered with Oak City Labs to ensure that as they expanded to more healthcare practices, they could safely store and analyze patient data. We also helped test the functionality of their spirometer and air quality devices for a seamless user experience. Even today, our work with VitalFlo continues to evolve as they do their part to help the healthcare industry manage the spread of COVID-19.

The partnership

Over the past year, Oak City Labs and Vitalflo have partnered to create better interactions between patients at home and their physicians back in the clinic. Together, we helped build an API, move their data to AWS, set up a scalable cloud infrastructure, and update their existing iOS app for a better and more secure user experience.

“Oak City Labs understood that our plan was to grow quickly and was able to work with us knowing our priorities could change rapidly from one week to the next. We’ve been very happy with the quality all along the way, which is why we continue to move forward with them.”

Luke Marshall, Ph.D. | CEO of VitalFlo

The strategy

As part of our approach with VitalFlo, we analyzed their existing infrastructure and iOS code. We follow this approach because we like to see what a client already has that can be reused versus us building everything from scratch. This approach can help keep a new tech startup’s costs in line, and in VitalFlo’s case, we were able to use most of their iOS code. We then designed a cloud architecture, built the server code for the mobile app (API), and updated the iOS app to use the new API.

Building a solid foundation

Originally, VitalFlo’s app was doing way too much heavy lifting. Most of the functionality that should live in a good system architecture on the cloud was on their app, so it was bulky and inelegant. We took their existing code base and gradually evolved from there to ensure nothing broke as we went. Now that their cloud base is in a strong place, we’re focusing on the evolution of the patient-facing side.

“We’ve enjoyed working with a medical device that helps physicians get more data to make better decisions. VitalFlo has been a fun client to work with, and we’ve loved seeing their team grow and obtain funding.”

Carol Vercellino | CEO of Oak City Labs

The update

Because of VitaFlo’s simple and intuitive interface, today they are rapidly moving to add more vitals to the platform that will be useful for helping clinical teams monitor potential COVID-19 or flu infection (such as body temperature, blood pressure, and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation). They’re also partnering with companies like RxVIP Concierge, WellTrackOne, and the Allergy & Asthma Network to enhance telehealth programs.

Services provided:

  • API, Server, & Database Development
  • iOS Development

Want more detail?

Check out our Q & A with VitalFlo Founder & CEO, Luke Marshall, Ph.D. here. 

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