Re-engineering healthcare workplace culture through positive news.

The vision

In 2020, 42% of physicians reported they were burned out. Described as long-term, unresolvable job stress, physician burnout remains a major challenge for physicians; affecting their happiness, relationships, patient care, and career satisfaction. THX Rx set a vision to create a community for physicians to connect and support each other in battling burnout. The app would be used at the Department of Neurosurgery at Duke Health where the co-founders worked.

The results

THX Rx partnered with Oak City Labs to create an app that uses positive news, a time-banking program, access to wellness resources, and wellness data collection to boost positivity in the workplace. We prioritized communication and remained flexible to their schedule as neurosurgeons, so they could continue to see patients while making a larger impact in their industry.

The partnership

THX Rx, previously WellSpent MD, met with several developers, but the quotes varied widely and the scopes were confusing. They needed a software development team who could stay in compliance with regulations, provide a clear scope of work, and lead an efficient development process. Oak City Labs rose to the challenge, and we continue working with THX Rx today as they deploy version 2.0 to be used in other larger organizations.

““With Oak City Labs, nothing in the project is left to question. They’re honest, diligent, and meticulous. Our biggest success is seeing people enjoy using [our app], and having many hospitals incorporate the app into their systems.”

Dr. Theresa Williamson | Co-Founder of THX Rx

The strategy

While THX Rx had a clear vision for their app, Oak City Labs mocked up screens to confirm the direction and approve development. From there, we produced beta builds to thoroughly test and get valuable feedback and insight on the user experience of the app. We built their iOS, Android, and Server API and set up their cloud infrastructure in AWS. To remain in budget, we chose a minimalist look, prioritizing function over design to ensure the app could be easily used by busy clinicians within Duke Health, and then quickly scaled across the industry.

Perfecting the experience

Originally, the product was used to track engagement within the Department of Neurosurgery at Duke Health. With the recent release of version 2.0, now THX Rx has the ability to compare pre-COVID-19 data with current data. They also have flexibility in their burnout questions to create custom question sets for different departments within a hospital or clinic. And they can collect data and compare between groups to see if positive changes or systems could make a difference.

“We’re really proud we get to have a small impact on physician burnout through our work with THX Rx. We look forward to seeing the results and data that will come out of the work, particularly with COVID-19.”

Carol Vercellino | CEO of Oak City Labs

Services provided:

  • iOS, Android and Server API development
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Consulting

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