Create easy-to-use, scalable mobile apps and software that help you challenge the status quo.

Improve experiences, processes, or results through technology. Oak City Labs partners with companies in the healthcare, life sciences, and engineering industries to design and develop custom mobile apps and software.

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Team discuses strategy for mobile app and web development

It starts with strategy

From meeting with your team to market analysis, we make sure your project gets started on the right foot.

strategically develop the back end of your mobile app or website

More than looks

We carefully set the foundation for the back end of your product, while developing a thoughtful user experience.

Creating a mobile app for web development clients in Raleigh NC

A product people will love

We’ll test, fine tune, fix bugs, track issues, and make sure your product looks and works great before the big launch.

High-quality, custom mobile apps and web software
built to make an impact

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Mobile apps

We build, launch, and maintain iOS and Android mobile applications with specific expertise in the life sciences, health care, and engineering industries.

Cloud & DevOps Consulting

Cloud & DevOps Consulting

We have deep expertise in cloud technologies and systems automation. We simplify the deployment and support of applications running on AWS Cloud.

API, server & database development

API, server & database development

We make data storage, access, and retrieval easy. We can help you grow and manage the underlying information of your application in a safe, secure, and scalable manner.

Data visualization & computer vision icon

Data visualization & computer vision

Using a variety of techniques in hardware and software, we build computer vision solutions that help your software see and interpret the real world. We can also help you interact with the data in your application through 3D visualizations on mobile, desktop, and the web.

General Software

General software

We build, launch, and maintain several types of software projects. Our specialities include: automation, machine learning, data science workflows, & web development.

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