Reimagining SWOT

Reimagining SWOT

This retooled SWOT framework will help you think flexibly, dig deep, and ask important questions to find the sweet spot where your ideas can thrive.

As you take a step back to debrief with your team, it’s time to decide what you want to take with you into the upcoming season. We’ve developed a framework you can use to identify the intersection between your unique abilities and the problems that need to be solved.

In this guide, you’ll examine:

  • your strengths
  • the resources you have (we all have more resources than we realize)
  • current products/services you could pivot (some of the best companies had failed beginnings until they pivoted their products to solve a new need)
  • weaknesses within your industry
  • risks that might prevent you from moving your idea forward
  • and finally, your tech opportunities

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