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These are a few of our favorite recent Oak City Labs projects.

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cureat | foodie app

iOS app | android app | api

The Vision: Wouldn’t you love to get local dining tips from your favorite chefs? Steve Mangano wanted to create a new kind of food app that allowed users to curate lists of favorite local spots and provided a fun way for local food influencers, including chefs, to share their rec’s with others.

What We Accomplished Together: We took Steve through our full process – beginning with market research and strategy to validate his app concept. From there, we built their native iOS and Android apps, the server-side backend, algorithms, and admin website for CurEat. The result? A better app for local food lovers. Want to learn more? Download the CurEat case study here.

Download CurEat >>  App Store & Google Play Store

“The team at Oak City Labs helped make CurEat possible. I’m thrilled with how the apps turned out, and even more happy with how great the process was. The team was easy to work with and met all deliverables in a timely manner and exceeded my expectations.”

– Steve Mangano
founder, cureat

servusconnect | property management app

iOS app

The Vision: An iOS app to improve communication between property managers and service professionals.

What We Accomplished Together: We built a scalable, easy to maintain iOS app using a client-provided design. Download the Servus case study here.

nDŌʜᴅ | dynamic imaging app

Mac app

The Vision: An FDA compliant Mac app to interpret endoscopic imaging video in real-time.

What We Accomplished Together: We brought an existing Mac app up to date with compatibility and compliance. Now we’re adding real time video analysis and integrating new video hardware. Download the nDŌʜᴅ case study here.

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