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Git: Merge or Rebase?

Like many tools, the Git version control system, through a handful of commands, provides the core functionality that most users need on a daily basis. In today’s post, I will touch on one that doesn’t seem to be used as often or, for many users, hasn’t been used at all. One of Git’s primary features, that was a huge draw for me when first exposed to it, is branching. Unlike many other systems,

Solving Daily Challenges with Simple Solutions

Often, our daily challenges are solved with simple solutions instead of overly complex or “clever” ones that even the authors don’t understand a month later. Not long ago (in a galaxy quite close to our own; okay, the same one), we ran into an issue where we needed to add activity indicators on some tableviews

Looking Back at 2017 & Looking Forward to 2018

At Oak City Labs, technology excites us. We keep a keen eye on emerging technology and enjoy observing its impact on the world around us. For one of our last blog posts of 2017, I asked our developers for a technology that impressed them this year, and a technology they are excited about for in 2018.

Are Progressive Web Apps the Future?

A few weeks ago at the All Things Open conference I was introduced to a term I had heard a few times but had not done much research on: “Progressive Web Apps”. Wikipedia describes Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as “regular web pages or websites but can appear to the user like traditional applications Wikipedia describes Progressive Web

Build Once, Use Anywhere

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time perusing adorable cat GIFs on your phone, tablet, computer, tv and anything else that will let you get your fix of cuteness. In addition to browsing cat GIFs on every device I own, I can also check my email, listen to my collection of music, chat with my friends and even write blog posts! On every device I own