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WWDC 2023 – Our Hopes and Dreams

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for developers and fellow Apple enthusiasts! WWDC 2023 kicks off on Monday, June 5th in beautiful Cupertino, California. There are a lot of items on our “wish list” this year, so let’s jump right in with the things we hope to see coming out of Apple’s HQ! […]

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Quick Intro to Kanban & Scrum

In our previous post, we learned what the Agile methodology is and how you can apply it to your team environment. We quickly mentioned two words (Kanban & Scrum) that are a part of the Agile process and drive the progression of a workflow. Today, we will introduce Kanban and Scrum in greater detail and […]

Agile – Learning the Basics

You’ve probably noticed that the term “Agile” is used quite a bit in the corporate world. But what does Agile actually mean? Typically, the term is used by companies to describe their approach to project management and development, some companies even holding certification in the agile process. However, the term’s use can vary greatly, depending […]

How to Build a Features List 101

When you’re ready to consult a development team for an estimate on your software solution, they are going to ask you for your features list. A features list is just what it sounds like – a list of functions that the app will provide for its users.  For your development team to give you an […]

Staging and Production – What’s the difference?

One of the most essential parts of the development process is establishing the staging and production environments. These two environments allow us to ensure that the code we’ve spent weeks building is both stable and bug-free before it’s released to the end users. Even though staging and production environments are almost identical in appearance, they […]

Web vs. Mobile Apps

You have a brilliant software solution and you can’t wait to share it with the world! 💡 You took our “Should you Build an app” quiz and passed with flying colors. Now you’re ready to find a development team who understands your product and can take your vision to the next level.    One of the […]

Professors Who Built An App

Since Oak City Labs was founded in 2014, we’ve had opportunities to collaborate with professors, academics and clinicians to develop customized software solutions for some of the industry’s most pressing pain points. Working with professors is a unique treat for our team, as they have spent the majority of their careers identifying a specific problem […]


How to Build a Healthcare App

It’s the era of all things tech, and medical companies are partnering with developers like never before. In 2021 alone, 90,000 new digital health apps were created.  Since the early days of Covid-19, digital health has continued to skyrocket and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Research has shown that many patients are now making […]

Top Five Free Apps for Breast Cancer Management

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. All around the world, family and friends are pulling out their pink clothing to show support to their loved ones who are courageously fighting breast cancer. Sadly, breast cancer is familiar to many, as about 2.3 million women and men have been diagnosed since 2020. Researchers are working […]