Braving the icy roads of North Carolina on January 14, 2015, we had the opportunity to attend an outstanding event hosted by Bull City Venture Partners.  Here are four takeaways to consider as you think about your next venture and the road ahead:

  1. The Market – Both panels said they were looking at the B2B space.   Lately we’ve been approached about building apps in the consumer space but almost of all of them have a potential B2B play down the road.   When planning out your product roadmap, consider the possible future B2B implications.  First ask, does B2B help accomplish your mission?  Take a look at Facebook at Work as an example.
  2. The Entrepreneur – Be coachable, know your metrics and milestones.  And do your homework.  If in conversation with a potential investor they suggest something to try, follow through.  Get their email address, write it down, put it on your calendar, do whatever it takes to follow through.  So few people follow through with things that this may be the one that sets you apart.
  3. The Network – Both panels said that “warm introductions are better than cold introductions”.   In the Triangle there are a ton of events and meetups to join to get your brand out there and get connected.  Check out the calendar at ExitEvent or search   Follow people in the know on Twitter, a few of our favorites include @ExitEvent, @theRTP, @HQRaleigh, @AmerUnderground, @DerrickMinor and @RTPFrontier, but there are plenty more!
  4. Themes – Among the panel there wasn’t any particular theme or area of investment.  Investment focuses ranged from customer engagement platforms to gambling.  It still seems to come down to the entrepreneur (see #2).  For more information beyond this panel on investment themes, check out this article from Andreessen Horowitz: 16 Things.

If the ice kept you away, check out more detailed coverage including videos of the panels at ExitEvent.