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Founders Carol Vercellino and Jay Lyerly know the value of quality. Both were born and raised in small southern towns, where hospitality and results are king. Oak City Lab’s mission today is an extension of those deeply rooted principles: we help entrepreneurs and organizations transform ideas into scalable products that grow with you. In addition to Carol and Jay, the team also consists of other hand picked craftsmen equally driven by superb quality and efficiency.

What’s in a name

Oak City Labs traces its roots back to Raleigh, North Carolina, affectionately known as the “City of Oaks” and home to North Carolina State University, where founders Carol and Jay are alumni (and their respective spouses are too! Go Pack!). Though the company began in the City of Oaks, it is now located in quaint downtown Apex, a small town on the outskirts of Raleigh, above the local coffee shop and across the street from the fire station; mainstays in the community, just like us.


Carol Vercellino

CEO & Co-Founder

Before co-founding Oak City Labs, Carol was the Director of Engineering at StepLeader Digital, a mobile application platform for local media stations and colleges across the country.  Prior to StepLeader, she managed software and systems engineering at Teradata and iContact leading the adoption of agile practices and continuous delivery.  Carol started her career as a Systems Engineer and enjoys working with Linux infrastructures deployed to AWS or Google Cloud.  She holds an MBA in Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization from NC State and a BS in Business Administration from University of South Carolina - Upstate.

Outside of Oak City Labs, Carol is an avid runner and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, preferably outside.

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Jay Lyerly

CTO & CO-Founder

Back in the day, Jay earned a MS in Physics from NCSU doing research in computational astrophysics and building Linux clusters.  Now, Jay is the Apple guy.  He started developing for the Mac in 2003 and added iOS a few years ago.  Jay loves taking complex technology and packaging it a way that makes it easy for everyone to use.  He spent ten years in the high performance computing industry making super computers more accessible.  Now he's bringing those skills to Oak City Labs, integrating mobile and desktop apps with web services.  

In his spare time, he's into comics, cars and bunny rabbits.  The comics are DC, the cars are hot hatches and the rabbits are adorable.  Jay is also an avid indoor enthusiast.

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cory scheviak

Software Engineer

A not so long time ago in a university not so far away, Cory earned his BS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Video Game Design.  Out of college he launched Panoplay, a business designed to help talented independent musicians make a name for themselves.  Through Panoplay, Cory learned web development and Python skills that allowed him to transition from part-time contractor to full-time employee at Oak City Labs. 

Since 2011, Cory has developed a mod for the game Minecraft called Tropicraft.  Through Tropicraft, he has worked with programmers, musicians, and artists from all over the world to amass over 20 million total downloads.

Cory has a passion for people and working in teams to create unique and awesome stuff. He also loves traveling, introspection, music, witty cartoons, Mexican food, running and zombies.

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Taylor Harrison

Software Engineer

Taylor earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at NCSU with a concentration in bioinstrumentation. After graduating he began learning Android development in his free time and soon joined the Android team at WedPics. He now brings his Android experience to Oak City Labs and hopes to broaden his mobile development horizons with iOS. Taylor is passionate about leveraging mobile technology to create flawless user experiences and push the boundaries of what handheld devices can do. When he's not coding, Taylor enjoys playing guitar and competitive gaming.

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Ashlee Little

Project Manager

Ashlee graduated with a B.S. degree in Communications, Advertising from Appalachian State University. She's currently the only team member not able to claim North Carolina State University as her alma matter, but she's just fine with cheering on the Mountaineers! With a background in project management, operations and marketing, Ashlee joins the Oak City Labs team as a Project Manager following positions at Raleigh web agencies and VisionPoint Marketing. A balanced mix of left and right brain, Ashlee serves as a liaison between our client partners and development team to ensure projects are on-time, on-budget and strategically aligned.

Outside of Oak City Labs, Ashlee spends time with friends and family, baking, traveling and planning events. She is also dog-mama to her rescue beagle named Bugle.


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