CurEat cuts through the clutter to help you find independent restaurants and bars quickly when you travel in the US. We highlight the top chefs and restaurants in the area and you have the ability to further refine and curate your own search by creating lists of restaurants you recommend and following friends’ lists. Want to know where the chefs eat?  Follow CurEaters, industry professionals, makers and artisans, to see where they dine, expanding your repertoire and palate. 

We worked with the CurEat team to validate the concept and then build their native iOS app. Along with developing the the mobile app, we also built the server-side backend, algorithms, and admin website for CurEat.  

Download CurEat and make a list of your favorite restaurants today!


Servus makes communication between Property Managers and Service Professionals simple and easy. Our customer provided the design and we built a scalable, easy to maintain iOS app. We worked in weekly sprints with an iterative approach to feature development.  


Noteables is the easiest way to find and share memories with your closest friends and family. We worked with the Noteables team on a tight timeline to deliver their first iOS app to the store in less than 10 weeks. We worked in weekly sprints, with constant feedback from the team to ensure we could release quickly.

David gardner

Founder, Investor and General Partner of Cofounders Capital

David needed a lightweight prototype to accompany a physical product to show to investors. Users are able to catalog information about their medications including dosage, size, shape and color. The app creates a monthly schedule of medications, including a visual representation of each pill.

Dude Solutions is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions and recognized for world class delivery, support and a long-standing commitment to innovation.

NDŌʜᴅ® by Altaravision is a hi-definition endoscopic imaging system providing superior image quality and immediate playback. We assisted Altaravision in bringing their Mac app up to date in compatibility and are currently developing prototypes for future features. 

Sqord is a fun, socially-connected online world powered by real-world play. Players wear the Sqord Booster, which measures and scores the intensity of your physical activity.  Sqord makes healthy, active play more fun.

TotalCast is a TV Everywhere solution delivering live Local Channels to cell phones and tablets. TotalCast’s patented geofencing technology ensures Local Affiliate streams stay within each Local TV Market, respecting content distribution agreements and allowing additive TV monetization.